Bill Springer

Bill Springer

William Glenn Springer, 69, of Jacksonville, Arkansas, went to be with the Lord Sunday, December 1, 2013. He was a retired Business Analyst for Systematics and a member of Landmark Missionary Baptist Church of Jacksonville. He was a fun loving husband, dad, granddad and an avid fisherman and hunter.

Bill is survived by his wife, Pam; three sons, Steve of Florida, Aaron and Chace of Arkansas; three daughters, Kelly Robinson of Arkansas, Stacy Welch of Georgia and Rachel Springer of Arkansas; nine grandchildren, Kendall, Hayden, Hannah, Kennedy, Mackenzie, Cameron, Haylee, Landon and Christian; one great-grandchild, Kade; one brother, Dwight Springer; and two sisters, Glenda and Gena Wolfe.

Brother Timothy Evans Carter

You are missed. Useful you were, grateful I am. Your service continues today...your rewards continue to increase. I will see you soon. Until then, Happy Birthday.

Phyllis Goodwin

Mr Bill - what can you say - God's man. He leaves an empty place for us in our hearts and at Landmark but he has taken his place at Jesus table in Heaven. I asked Harley if she wanted to go to the services - her words " he's not their" She said I want to remember him in Awana... So we do not say,'Good Bye Mr Bill' we say, 'we will see you later when God calls us home too.'

David Killebrew

I am very sorry for your loss. I do not have to tell you how great of a man Mr Bill was and still is. Mr. Bill took me on one of his fishing trip a year ago this past summer. It was a day if getting to know each other out side of the church house. I will always remember that day. Each time I seen Bill at church and would shake his hand he would always stand up and look you in the eye because that's the man he was, full of integrity. Thank you for the relationship you have with Kristen see really loved and respected you. You all will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as you begin a year of First.

Morgan Blanchard

My favorite memory of Papa was this summer at camp. I kept asking him, "Will you come next year?" And every time he would say umm I don't know but the last time I asked he say there was no doubt in his mind he would come back. This year at camp will be hard for me know my papa won't be there with me physically but I know he still was able to keep that promise because he will be with us spiritually. I love you!!

Sonya Killebrew

I start by giving thanks to God for knowing that he prepared a place for Bill Springer. I have a sad heart for dear Mrs Pam and Chase as they will not have him on earth with them any more but know that our church family will meet up again someday. Bro Bill has a special place on my heart as he was a Godly man that showed his love for Christ in all that he did. He even took my sweet daughter as "his grand-daughter". He and Kristen loved to give Mrs Pam a hard time about him being the favorite to Kristen. Bill, I'll miss your sweet smile but I will see you again in that glorious place one day!

Tamara Blanchard

I'm not sure what to say expect, that heaven gained a great man on Sunday. I will miss him greatly. I'm so glad that my family got to spend some vacation time with the Springer family this summer. Not to sure what to think when he isn't there to greet me on Sunday morning and hand me the coupons from the morning paper. Love ya and miss ya

Kenzie Blanchard

It's hard to wrap my head around Bro Bill not being here... He was nothing short of a grandpa to me, and everyone knew it. He always lit up a room, quite literally, with his big smile and happy attitude. Some people say we know our church family more than our biological family, and I agree. I saw Grandpa about two or three times a week, sometimes more. Outside of my immediate family, I can't really think of anyone I see more. The impact Grandpa left on me was nothing short of a miracle. I wouldn't be the person I am today without any of the Springer family. Every day is different now, and no one can bring him back. That's the worst part. No more hearing "Hey young'n. How're you this morning?" when I walk into church. Everything is so different, but his impact still stands. I couldn't forget such a great Godly man, even if I tried. I love you, Grandpa Springer!

Alan Garner

Words cannot express the hurt and loss we feel, especially for Pam and Chase. I will miss my conversations with Mr Bill about sports, hunting, fishing, the Brooklyn Dodgers and classic country music (which Ms Pam loved so much! (Ha!)). My foundest memory of Mr Bill has to be the first year we coached the boys basketball team at Park Hill. We ended up winning the league and the smile on his face was priceless and unforgettable. Mr Bill will be greatly missed.

Blake Carter

I cannot explain how sorry and hurt I am for the Bill Springer Family. Bro. Springer was someone I had the opportunity to speak with every time I went to church. Bro. Springer was taken home by The Lord and will be missed greatly. My favorite memory of Bro. Springer happened on our youth trip this past summer and this is where I really got to know him. One night after our worship service we had our group devotion together and Bro. Springer shared something with us. He said that night at worship service he looked around and saw us worshipping and he told us that he felt something inside of him. He told us the spirit of God was moving within him and he knew right then that he made the right decision to come to camp with a bunch of rowdy youth kids and young adults. That was my God sighting that week at camp. Bro. Springer was one of the greatest men I ever had the pleasure meeting and my heart is now broken that he is no longer physically with us.

Melissa Gargus

What a Godly man. Mr. Bill was a great man. Always had a smile on his face. May God comfort his family and friends in this time of need.

Penny Garner

The latest & greatest baseball cards will always remind me of Mr Bill (or PaPa as Kolbe calls him). He was always giving cards to the boys. A man who took interest in my boys lives by asking questions & sharing stories. Forever grateful for this summer when Mr Bill took Kolbe by himself on an all day fishing adventure. Would not step foot at Wild River Country no matter how many times I asked, water parks were not his way of relaxing. A Godly man who thought Pam hung the moon & stars. Loved Chase more than life itself. Will be greatly missed.

Kristen Killebrew

My sweet, adopted Grandpa! All I can say is that he will be greatly missed. I don't know what I'll do when he's not at the door Sunday to say "Hey there, darling" and give me a big hug! Bill Springer truely is the pure definition of a Godly man and I can't thank God enough for placing him in my life...he has made a bigger impact on my life than he'll ever know! One of my favorite memories of the two of us is when we were at church together and Bro.Cummings came up and heard me call him Grandpa. He was thrown off by that saying "I didn't know y'all were related." We just looked at each other and smiled :) Love you, Grandpa!